Which of these sentences describes liability auto insurance coverage?

which of these sentences describes liability automobile insurance coverage

Q. I have an insurance policy from my car insurance company, but I’m confused as to which of these sentences I should use to describe liability auto insurance coverage. I think the first one describes liability, but my agent tells me that I can only write it in the form of a summary. What is your opinion on this? Thank you. A. In short, your agent has told you what you already know: that liability coverage includes both personal property and bodily injury.

The answer to your question, which of these sentences describes liability auto insurance coverage, is this: Yes, your agent is correct that you cannot write such a sentence. However, there are times when a state law or a policy directive does allow a summary to be written. It is important to read the policy, especially one that describes how the system works, before you begin to write an auto liability insurance policy. Each policy can have a different definition of who is insured and therefore who is covered. Once you have determined what form of coverage you want, you can begin your research into which of these sentences describes your specific policy.

Q. Which of these sentences describes liability auto insurance coverage, then? A. "The following paragraphs shall describe the types of coverage available from the Florida automobile insurance policy that meets your requirements." Your agent can explain all of the options available to you, but he or she will always start with the basics, beginning with bodily injury, and ending with property damage, regardless of which policy you choose.

Q. Is there anything I can do to reduce the cost of my coverage? A. Yes, most insurance agents offer discounts to policyholders who have attended their training courses on automobile insurance and who have successfully completed an approved defensive driving course.

Q. Should I purchase the policy online or by mail? A. Most agents recommend ordering your policy online, since the process is much easier and the forms are typically available online, saving you the trouble of having to drive to an agent’s office.

Q. Is the Florida minimum coverage required under my state law? A. Yes, the Florida Statute clearly states that the minimum required auto liability insurance coverage for a policyholder’s vehicle is the "greatest liability coverage" permitted by the policy. This portion of your insurance coverage is also called the "pay-as-you-drive premium," which means that your premium will be higher if you actually use your car in a manner that is deemed risky under your policy.


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