Using an emergency auto dialer for seniors

A lot of seniors and the elderly depend on emergency numbers to get in touch with the home care or medical personnel when there is a medical emergency or a call for help in an emergency situation. A personal auto dialer, as a matter of fact, is a great investment for any medical professional that has a telephone. The personal auto dialer is a dialer that is able to connect to a caller or a number that is dialed. Usually, it is able to connect to the medical answering service or to the home call answering system. The personal dialer can be programmed in such a way that it automatically places the call to a certain number that is programmed in the personal auto dialer.

emergency auto dialer elderly

A lot of seniors have trouble making phone calls. It may be because of poor hearing, or it may be due to the fact that the senior citizen’s voice has become hoarse from years of speaking in front of the home or in congregations. This means that sometimes they will not be able to hear the person calling. In addition, some elderly citizens have problems remembering phone numbers or they have only recently been using the telephone. These things mean that they will not be able to place calls promptly when they need to.

An auto dialer can be a big help for all of these senior citizens. All they have to do is dial a toll free number or a virtual number that is pre-programmed into the personal auto dialer. Once they do this, the auto dialer will then connect to that number and deliver the message. The message could be as simple as an automated greeting message. It could be as involved as having the auto dialer relay messages in a professional and courteous manner.

Some senior citizens are hard of hearing or suffer from some kind of medical condition that causes them to struggle to hear properly. They could also have trouble understanding the words that are being placed on the line. With an auto dialer, however, all that can be changed. The dialer can hear the voice and even speak it back.

In addition, the senior citizen does not have to press any buttons to talk to the live operator. They can do everything themselves by simply dialing a toll free number. In many cases, the dealer will still be able to hear the live operator if there is a problem, but that option is not available. This means that senior citizens can place important calls, but it is a matter of proper etiquette and communication rather than necessity.

When a live operator is not available, many older people have opted for an automated dialer. There are many different types of auto dialers available, including ones that are voice driven and ones that operate on an automatic pilot. Some dealers are part of a family of telephony equipment that includes an answering machine, an electronic message device and an electronic voice response system, or IVR.

An automatic dialer can answer most questions and direct the caller to the appropriate representative. In some cases, they will automatically hang up or redirect the call to a live operator. Many senior citizens that use these systems feel that this better communicates to them. In fact, many companies that sell auto dialers to seniors advertise that their systems are easy to use, making it easy for seniors to take advantage of the technology when it is available.

Another benefit to using an auto dialer is that there is no need for a live operator to answer each call. This allows the senior to stay in control of the situation, which can often make the difference between them calling again or not. Many senior citizens who find themselves isolated because of their age or illness often dread the prospect of talking to someone in order to make a report or ask for assistance. By using a dialer, they can speak to a live person and connect with a professional who can help them with their problems.


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