How to get cheap auto insurance in virginia

Cheap Virginia auto insurance is something that many Virginians are looking for. Unfortunately, Virginian drivers pay among the highest rates in the country for automobile coverage. One reason that auto insurance rates in Virginia are so high is that Virginia is a state with some of the most dense population density in the country. Areas like Washington D.C. and Maryland also have extremely high auto insurance rates because of high rates to service these larger states. It is not uncommon to drive through Virginia Beach and have to pay more for your auto insurance than in Fairfax, Loudoun or Hampton Roads.

Why are Virginians charged such high auto insurance rates? One factor is that Virginia is considered a no-fault zone when it comes to car insurance laws. Everyone must have car insurance or be subject to arrest for driving without it. Additionally, Virginia is a one-party state, meaning that the person who owns the automobile has to be the one who is driving. This rule makes it extremely hard for someone who owns both a car and a home in Virginia to be able to obtain cheap auto insurance.

If you own a vehicle and don’t already have auto insurance, then you should definitely get it. However, there are ways that you can find cheap Virginia auto insurance. The first way is to locate a company that has a fleet of insured vehicles. You can call each company and ask them to provide you with a quote for how much money they would charge for a vehicle based on your driving history and record. Be sure to ask about their terms of payment.

Another way to find auto insurance in Virginia is to contact an agent that is directly employed by a major insurance company. Each insurance company employs a network of agents that they use to sell auto insurance in Virginia. Most agents will work on commission so be sure to ask about any other charges that they may be able to impose. It is advisable to shop around a bit when shopping for auto insurance because each state regulates the insurance industry differently. You may find that you’ll pay more or even get dropped from coverage completely in some areas.

You may also be able to find cheaper rates by requesting a list of covered parts and an estimate of how much the total cost of repairs would be. This allows you to make an informed decision about whether or not a certain part needs to be replaced or repaired. Also ask about any discounts that you may qualify for. Discounts such as good driver discounts and multiple vehicle discounts can significantly lower the cost of your Virginia auto insurance.

If neither of the above methods prove effective in your quest to find cheap Virginia auto insurance, you may need to employ a different method. Consider purchasing more than one type of insurance coverage from a different company. For example, many companies offer car and homeowner’s insurance. Ask if they could provide you with auto insurance as well.

Many people opt for adding other types of coverage to their already cheap Virginia auto insurance. These include windshield replacement and rental car coverage. If you can’t afford these, it’s likely that you can at least get into a reasonably comprehensive plan. Adding roadside assistance, pet travel coverage, and more can raise your rates quite a bit. So you’ll want to decide if these are optional extras worth the money before opting for them.

Virginia law requires all drivers to have and display a valid driver’s license in order to drive. Because many people don’t always have a license, they are required to have a form of identification card issued by the Virginia DMV. Many companies will allow you to take out a pre-paid card without having to pay the extra fee. Keep this in mind when searching for cheap auto insurance in Virginia.


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