Auto insurance bowling green – finding the best balance between coverage and rates

auto insurance bowling green ky

Bowling alleys and auto insurance? Well, maybe not. But if you’re a bowler in Kentucky, you’ve probably seen one or both of them. The lanes are often shared by bowlers who have comparable coverage needs, and they’re a great place to socialize and get to know others who play.

If you’re looking for Kentucky auto insurance, a "bowling green" might be your best bet. These are public facilities that are typically owned by the city, town, or county. They’re open to all and can often have indoor or outdoor sports areas. For example, there may be a batting cage, an outdoor putting ramp, a golf course, picnic tables, basketball courts, etc. Generally, you’ll have access to these areas at any time and on any day.

Because they’re open to the public, there are many things you can do and see when you visit a bowling green. For example, you can buy drinks at the restaurant or bar, have meals at the restaurant, play games (whether softball, basketball, etc.) There are even concession stands located outside the bowling green, providing all-you-can-eat foods and beverages for patrons on your auto insurance policy. And don’t forget, when you pay your monthly premium, you get a nice discount on your premiums!

If you’re not a bowler but enjoy participating in other types of athletic events, a "bowling green" doesn’t really apply to you. But it’s important to understand that you can probably still find great coverage for your vehicle at the same great price. The same holds true if you drive other vehicles, like RVs, motorcycles, cars, etc. Even if you only use your personal vehicle to take to the bowling alley on occasion, you should still have no problems with finding good auto insurance that will protect you against losses from any eventuality. In fact, sometimes you might be able to save money on your insurance by being a bowler.

One thing you should keep in mind about bowling is that it’s considered very high risk. Therefore, you should expect to pay more than for an "average" auto insurance policy. However, a good comparison site can help you determine which companies offer policies with the best coverage. You can also get this information online; simply do a search on your favorite search engine. Many companies offer a quote calculator so you can easily see what your payments would be, and where you stand in terms of your risk level.

As with most auto insurance matters, always compare quotes from multiple sources. Not all companies are created equal. If you’re a bowler looking for insurance, it’s wise to spend some quality time speaking with an experienced insurance agent or representative from a bowling league in your area. They can give you expert advice on finding the best deal for you!


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