Auto accident injury lawyer

auto accident injury lawyer

The next morning she called me and by the way she was not the one who had an auto accident injury lawyer with her. I called her because I was so glad that she had one. She said she missed her husband like crazy and worried that he was ok. Well, I guess that he was ok but it certainly looked like he had been hurt badly. So I called on auto accident injury lawyer Jeffery Rittheimer to give him a call and see how his business could help her.

We talked and the following day I visited her in the hospital. She told me that her car was totalled and she sure hoped that the insurance guy would pay for her car. She said that her husband was fine but was in quite a lot of pain all over his body. The pain was more than the bruising, he was in constant pain and scared to death of what the insurance guy was going to do.

I knew what my friend was going through, I was there when she got her third degree cut. What a terrible experience that must have been. Anyway let me tell you that Jeffrey Rittheimer is a great auto accident injury lawyer. He is a really good driver and very pleasant. And he really cares about his clients.

He is certainly one of the better auto accident injury lawyers in the city, his office is on East Broadway near Monitor Drive. There are also some offices on the south end of Prospect Street. If you live in the south of Manhattan there are a couple of these law firms in the yellow pages.

The other auto accident injury lawyer that specializes in women and children was named Ronald Goldman. He is a great guy and always seems to be interested in the little things. I can’t say I’ve ever seen him in the courtroom but I’ve always thought he was a sweet guy. That’s why I feel compelled to write this article. We met at the Litigation Lawyers Association of America. We discussed a lot of issues and agreed to recommend to anyone in the field of law that is seeking an article of this nature, that they read this article.

Any auto accident injury lawyer worth his salt will put the interest of their client first. They will listen to what you have to say and will try to come up with a fair solution. It’s sad that some people think they know better than a lawyer. They can have their way when it comes to pursuing compensation. Consider all this in 2021.


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